Thursday, April 1, 2010


Like I said in class today, Greed the movie, was hard to watch and follow. Probably because I'm not used to watching silent movies but, nonetheless I got the gist. I think what I found really interesting was the selection of actors used. To be honest, I don't know any of their names, but they didn't fit the mold I had created in my mind of what they should look like. As I think about it, I do this with a lot of the books I read and in the rare occasion they become movies I am constantly let down. This is no exception. McTeague, in my mind, was a big scary man with almost inhuman power. In the movie I didn't find him scary at all and it really took away from the effect of the book. I thought this book was really creepy and seems like a real life situation but the movie didn't give me the same feeling. Trina, in my mind, was a beautiful innocent looking girl but in the movie she looked almost demonic. She scared me more then McTeague. Because of the character in the movie, the movie seemed a little cartoonish and not very believable. To be fair, I am trying to be as objective as possible, but I don't really see the book in the movie. Obviously the scenes are the same, but the intensity is missing. The book was riveting at times and the movie wasn't.
I thought Greed was going to do a really good job of making a book come to life, but I was let down. Overall, the movie didn't do the book justice and it's unfortunate because it could be something really special, especially if the intensity of the book spilled over to the movie.

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  1. Thanks for these thoughts, Kent. A movie is almost always a disappointment after reading the book, in part because of the intensity built up in the imagination.